Virgin Australia introduces new inflight entertainment system

Virgin Australia inflight wifi system allows passengers to stream content to their own devices.

Virgin Australia has formally launched its new inflight entertainment system, which allows passengers to stream content to their own devices via Wi-Fi.

Virgin Australia inflight entertainment wifi
Virgin Australia inflight entertainment wifi

The inflight entertainment platform is the first of its kind in the Asia Pacific region, giving Virgin Australia (VA) customers the ability to stream content to their own devices, including smartphones, laptops and tablets, through in-built wireless technology on board.

The move away from seatback inflight entertainment screens on domestic and short-haul international flights follows a successful trial earlier this year, with 37 planes now fitted with the wireless technology.

The roll-out will continue, with the service set to be enabled on all of Virgin Australia’s Boeing 737-800 and Embraer E190 fleet by the end of this year.

Virgin Australia Chief Customer Officer Mark Hassell said: “At Virgin Australia, we are passionate about customer experience, and that often means redefining travel.

“We know that inflight entertainment is a key driver in customer satisfaction. Our research shows that around 90% of our customers travel with at least one smartphone, laptop or tablet1.

“We were instantly drawn to this technology because it represents a quantum change in the way entertainment is experienced in the sky. Our customers are the first in the region to be able to stream content to their very own personal device and the feedback we are receiving is fantastic.

“Wireless technology also gives us the freedom to constantly enhance the content and functionality, which is valued by customers who travel regularly on these short to medium-haul flights.

“With the origins of the Virgin brand in entertainment, there is no limit to the expertise and unique content we can leverage around the world to continually offer our customers the best entertainment in the sky”, Mr Hassell said.

Feedback given by users to the airline has suggested that many passengers would prefer to use their own headphones and devices.

How it works

The wireless in-flight entertainment system supports Wi-Fi-enabled Apple iOS devices (iPad®; iPhone®; iPod touch®), Android devices (phone or tablet) and Windows laptops. To access the system, passengers download the free “In-flight Entertainment by Virgin Australia” App to their phone or tablet, or have the latest version of Microsoft Silverlight downloaded on their laptop.

There will still be seatback entertainment on long-haul A330s and 777 planes.