Give friends a gift onboard with KLM

KLM makes it possible to order a gift a passenger gets onboard.
Give friends a surprise on KLM
Give friends a surprise on KLM

KLM Royal Dutch Airlines has launched a unique gifting service ‘KLM Wannagives’ on its intercontinental and long distance European flights.

Friends or relatives can order a gift that a passenger actually gets onboard. They go to where they select a gift and identify who it is for either through email or their Facebook or LinkedIn account. Gifts can be paid for with money or KLM frequent flyer miles.

KLM makes sure that the passenger is actually on the flight before making a charge.

The logistics must have been very well thought out.

It works like this:



  • select from a list of items (currently 167), including jewellery, perfume, watches and KLM branded products, even preferred seats on board like extra legroom seats and seats in a row of two
  • select the lucky one to get the gift via Facebook, Linkedin or use the e-mail address of the friend/contact
  • write a personal message and fill in your name. (It is not possible to send a gift anonymously)


  •  in case of onboard delivery: enter the flight number and departure date of the person you want to surprise, or his/her destination and departure date.
  • select the payment method and pay for the order

“On Facebook and Twitter we often received requests to surprise travellers for their honeymoon, birthday or anniversary. It was quite a logical step to facilitate this. Gift-giving above the clouds will make the journey a unique experience” says Martijn van der Zee, Senior Vice President E-Commerce AIR FRANCE KLM.

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