Alaska to launch self print bag tag on select routes

First US airline to offer facility

Home printed bag tags will be possible on Alaska Airlines (AS) from April 21, 2014 for passengers flying nonstop between Seattle and San Diego, Anchorage or Juneau, Alaska.

Alaska plans to expand the option for passengers traveling from other airports later this summer. This launch follows the completion of a successful pilot program, which was offered to passengers flying between Seattle and Hawaii in 2013.

Starting April 21, passengers flying to or from any of the four debut cities will receive a pre-trip email with a link to request a free reusable bag tag holder by mail. Tag holders will also be available to pick up at each of the four airports. Passengers who elect to self-tag will enjoy a designated Self-Tag Express™ lane when they arrive at the airport.

How it works:

  • Select the Self-Tag option during Web Check-In
  • Check in and pay applicable baggage fees with a debit or credit card.
  • Print and fold the bag tags
  • Insert into the reusable bag tag holder and attach the holder to the bag
  • Drop the bags off at designated Self-Tag Express™ baggage drop areas.

Curtis Kopf, Alaska Airlines’ vice president of customer innovation and

“Our goal is to be the easiest airline to fly. That’s why we’re introducing additional self-tagging capability so customers who prefer self-service options have the ability to print bag tags at home during the check-in process”

“Tagging your bags at home can save some time at the airport. If printing your bag tags at home isn’t your preference, our friendly airport staff will gladly help check your bags to your final destination.”

Billund Airport in Denmark is believed to be the first use of self print bag tags.

Air France and Iberia also allow their passengers to print bag tags on A4 paper.

Alaska was the first airline in North America to sell tickets over the Internet, and the first in the world to allow customers to check in and print boarding passes online.

Last year, the carrier installed kiosks with self-tagging printers at 10 airport locations including Seattle, Anchorage and Portland, Ore.

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