UK Airport ‘tweeting departure board’

Arrival and departure information sent directly to Twitter user

LBA-Tweeting-departure-boarLeeds Bradford Airport (LBA) has launched an application which shares live flight information via Twitter.

The tool communicates arrival and departure information directly to the Twitter user.

The application has been developed by KMP Digitata on behalf of LBA to enhance the customer experience by making use of the real time capabilities of Twitter. The app will benefit passengers, who can receive updates directly to their device as they appear on the airport’s departure boards, as well as those collecting arriving passengers, who can also request updates for flights arriving in to Leeds Bradford.

The Twitter user, if not already, follows @LBIAirport and is followed back. This is vital as the application relies on the use of direct messaging so that information can be shared between the customer and Leeds Bradford Airport. You can only direct message (DM) to users who are following you.

  • The Twitter user will send a DM beginning with the word ‘flight’ followed by the flight number e.g. ‘Flight BA1345’.
  • Confirmation of receipt of request for flight information is immediately sent back to the user.
  • Flight updates are then automatically shared with the user by DM until the aircraft has either taken off (departures) or landed (arrivals).
  • The application uses the same information as the arrivals and departure boards. So as long as the flight is due to arrive or depart within the next 12 hours, the app will have the information and auto-update the Twitter user.
  • If the app doesn’t have the information, the user will receive a link to the full arrivals and departure list instead.
  • Should the user wish to stop receiving updates before arrival or departure, they can simply send a DM with the word ‘cancel’.

Simon Kenworthy, Digital Executive at Leeds Bradford Airport, commented: “Passengers are increasingly relying on their mobile devices and social media to source information, Leeds Bradford Airport’s customers can now receive important flight information directly to their device via Twitter.

“I am delighted to launch this application; it will enhance the customer experience by utilising the real time capabilities of Twitter to communicate updates for both incoming and outbound flights.”

The ‘tweeting departure board’ enables departing passengers to relax and enjoy the airport’s facilities knowing that flight information will be shared with them in real time. Instead of checking back to the departure board screens regularly, the passenger will receive a notification as soon as the departure gate opens.

Similarly, those collecting passengers arriving at the airport can benefit from convenient live expected arrival times.