Eindhoven installs Scan&Fly from Type22

Transavia and Ryanair passengers can check-in hold baggage themselves with Scan&Fly

Eindhoven Airport installs Scan&Fly

Eindhoven installs Scan&Fly from Type22The largest regional Airport in the Netherlands has made the next step to offer their passengers the best possible travel experience.

With innovative solutions like Self Bag Drop, Eindhoven Airport can cope with their rapid growth, while shortening the waiting times for passengers.

Passengers flying with Transavia and Ryanair now have the opportunity to check-in their hold baggage themselves with Scan&Fly, the Self Bag Drop solution from Type22.

Joost Meijs, Managing Director of Eindhoven Airport:

“Eindhoven Airport is always eager to fulfill our customers wishes and needs. In our Self Bag Drop area, passengers are welcomed by our ground staff before they check-in their hold-baggage themselves. This is faster than the traditionally check-in desks. We believe that this is the future of the check-in process at airports.”

Ivar van der Smaal, Project Manager of Eindhoven Airport and responsible for the implementation of Self Bag Drop at the airport, explains why Eindhoven Airport has chosen for the Type22 solution:

“We wanted to improve the passengers experience at Eindhoven Airport with Self Bag Drop and chose Scan&Fly because of its user-friendliness and its smart retro-fit design”.

Designing the Self bag Drop process


The key to success for this project is not only to install Scan&Fly, but also to organize and optimize the entire Self Bag Drop process around it. Ivar van der Smaal: “Together with Type22, the airport reached this by involving the airlines and handling agents from the start of the project. An instruction video and signage make sure that passengers are well prepared. We created a preparation area where we prepare the passengers before they start with the Self Bag Drop experience. This ensures fast Self Bag Drop times and increases the airport’s terminal capacity.”

Excellent results

The participation of the airlines and well trained ground staff make it possible to control the passenger process, with excellent results. Passengers respond very well to this new innovation. To check how they experience Self Bag Drop, Type22 interviewed the passengers. With an average score of 9,2 out of 10, passengers are extremely content. 83 percent would recommend the Self Bag Drop service to other passengers. Because of the success so far, Eindhoven Airport is eager to expand the Self Bag Drop process.

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