Etihad partners with Facebook

The partnership will enable the airline to tailor its services and marketing to specific travellers.

Etihad Airways has formed a partnership with Facebook enabling it to tailor its services and marketing to specific passengers.

Etihad Airways’ Expat Targeting campaign targeted Indian national expats living in the UAE, via their Facebook newsfeed, encouraging them to celebrate Diwali in Abu Dhabi by flying their families in on Etihad Airways.

The Hindu festival of Diwali, India’s biggest and brightest national holiday, is celebrated the world over. It’s also a time when people travel home to be with their families and friends. With 27 million Indians living outside India, Etihad Airways saw Diwali as the perfect occasion to bring families together.

The campaign reached 536,000 expat Indians and resulted in a 51 times the return on investment, and reached more than half a million expatriate Indian nationals in UAE with personalized messages.

Liz Selby, Etihad Airways’ Head of Social Media, said:

“Etihad Airways aims to be the world’s leading airline and by working together with Facebook and its customized marketing tools, we can ensure our messages are communicated effectively and reach the right people. This partnership will allow Etihad Airways’ marketing team to gain access to Facebook’s best-in-class training, development solutions and resources, in order to drive increased market share and commercial returns for our brand. People expect communication to be personal, relevant and mobile. With Facebook’s Expat Targeting we were able to speak to a highly relevant audience and deliver them something that was truly valuable and in real time.”

Terry Kane, Head of Travel, Auto, Telco and Financial Services, Facebook, Middle East & North Africa:

“The remarkable success of Etihad Airways’ Expat Targeting campaign proves once again that Facebook’s diversified marketing solutions work alongside any strategic campaign with the aim of exceeding expectations and reaching the right audiences.”

“The Etihad Airways team is exceptionally focused, experienced and have a vision for driving market share and commercial returns through their direct distribution channels. We will work closely with the team to provide innovative solutions and customer support, thus allowing Etihad Airways to reach individuals more personally, and at a scale more massive than anyone else.”

Future campaigns are likely to target business passengers.

Another successful collaboration between Etihad Airways and Facebook took place during the launch of the airline’s new ground and cabin crew uniform.

Etihad Airways used Facebook’s internal creative team, the Creative Shop, to capitalize on new trends on Facebook.

The Creative Shop assisted Etihad Airways in designing and executing high-end campaigns around the uniform launch which was successful in reaching the desired target audiences and bringing the brand to life.

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