Madrid T4 installs Siemens self check-in and bag drop

Pilot between Aena, Iberia and Siemens

Siemens has successfully introduced its new self check-in and bag drop solution at Madrid-Barajas Terminal 4

The project is a pilot between Spanish airport operator Aena, Iberia and Siemens Logistics and Airport Solutions.

The solution allows passengers to issue their own boarding passes, obtain bag tags, and drop their baggage on the conveyor themselves, without any assistance from airline personnel.

Enrique Robledo, director for Iberia at Madrid Airport said:

“This equipment from Siemens Logistics and Airport Solutions in Spain represents the start of a global project. Headed up by Aena, the project will involve trials throughout 2015 to improve customer experience with the check-in and bag drop process. Passengers will benefit from greater autonomy in this process without the need for assistance. This improvement initiative, within the framework of the Ágora Project, is a continuation of the technological innovation and improvement trend driven by Iberia with the aim of making Madrid Airport a leading international hub.”

Airlines and airports benefit from Siemens’ self-service check-in and bag drop. The solution is modularly designed so that it can be configured for all current and future baggage acceptance procedures. Safety also plays a major role: Various measures help protect passengers and airport staff, as well as prevent unauthorized access to the baggage handling system.

Features include:

  • Printing of bag tags, passenger receipt and boarding pass
  • Out-of-gauge check in regard to length, height and weight, including error handling
  • Built-in SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition)
  • Barcode, passport and ID card reading capability
  • Card reader, for example for frequent traveler programs
  • Integration of safety devices and intrusion prevention

N.B. Image credit: Siemens Logistics and Airport Solutions

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