JAL introduces self-tagging at Haneda T1

Passengers can use the new self-service facility for domestic flights

Japan Airlines (JAL) has successfully introduced baggage self-tagging at Tokyo Haneda Terminal 1.

Passengers can use the new self-service facility for domestic flights. Called JAL Express-Tag Service, it is a new service that aims to provide a better passenger experience by shortening the time required to check in baggage.

With the new JAL Express-Tag Service, passengers can shorten the waiting time by taking their baggage to the Express-Tag counter with a baggage tag already attached.

How it works

JAL uses the 2-step process, meaning the tag is printed and attached first and the bag is then taken to a bag drop.

Before using the service passengers have to check-in and get a 2D boarding pass.

Step 1: Passengers scan their IC card or Osaifu-Keitai® or 2D barcoded boarding pass at the baggage tag printing kiosk and follow directions shown on screen. Baggage tags are printed once the passenger confirms the precautions regarding baggage check-in, number of bags, and destination. Baggage tags can be printed for up to six pieces of baggage in one operation.

Step 2: The passenger then attaches the baggage tags to their baggage and takes them to the Express-Tag counter at least 20 minutes before departure time.


The service is available only for passengers on domestic routes operated by the JAL group departing from Haneda Airport, who have already selected their seats.

The tags have to printed at the self-service kiosk, so home printed and electronic tags are not available.

The IC card and two-dimensional barcode are used for identification purposes

IC card

IC e-card is a rechargeable contactless smart card ticketing system for public transport in Japan.


Osaifu-Keitai, literally “Wallet Mobile”, is the de facto standard mobile payment system in Japan.

JAL Touch & Go Service

Boarding information slip

JAL has a service called Touch & Go where passengers can use their IC card, Osaifu-Keitai® or 2D barcode at security checkpoints and receive a boarding information slip.

The boarding information slip includes information about your flight number, seat number, and departure gate.

This is basically a boarding pass.


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