Free water and Wi-Fi at Oslo Airport

13 water fountains and free Wi-Fi will help the passenger experience at Oslo this summer

This summer, passengers can take advantage of free water and free Wi-Fi when they travel to and from Norway’s main airport.

This is not a new policy, but it is still just as relevant and important for the many thousands going on summer holiday.

In addition to doling out free bottles of water during the campaign period from 25 June to 3 July, another two drinking fountains will be installed. This will bring the total up to thirteen drinking fountains for those important water refills.

Head of Communication Joachim Westher Andersen:

“A good message is worth repeating, and we know this is important for travellers. This summer, we will hand out more than 5000 empty bottles and remind travellers that internet is free here.

We know that free drinking water is popular, and we now have several fountains we hope the passengers will appreciate. People can bring empty water bottles through the security check and refill their water after getting through”

Free Wi-Fi

While enjoying the free drinking water and waiting for departure, Oslo passengers can also log-on to free internet.

How it works

Passengers select the network called “AIRPORT” and free Wi-Fi in the browser. Once they have registered, they get free access for two hours. If more more than two hoursis needed, they just repeat the log-in process.

This means free access to surf the web 24/7, all year round.

“We know what this means for travellers, and this is a service we want to make sure everyone knows about. There are several networks to choose between when opening the network settings, but only the one called ‘AIRPORT’ is free, and we recommend that travellers use this,” says Andersen.

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