SWISS self print baggage tag for Zurich departures

SWISS home print baggage tag option is now available for any SWISS flight from Zurich.

SWISS passengers departing from Zürich can now print their tags for their checked baggage before they leave home.

Passengers departing from Zürich on SWISS who check in online via can now print out not only their boarding pass but also the tags for their registered baggage in the comfort of their home.

SWISS uses the terminology, print-at-home baggage tag option, and it is now available for any SWISS flight from Zürich, including onward connections (but excluding codeshare flights).

The new print-at-home baggage tags are produced in A4 format, and can then be folded and inserted into a transparent plastic pouch (see picture) which is attached to the bag.

The pouches are available free of charge at any SWISS airport desk, and can be re-used for all future flights.

On arrival at the airport, the registered and tagged baggage can then be handed in either at the self-service bag drop machine if this is available (e.g. in Geneva) or at any staffed bag drop desk.

The new facility enables the passenger to print out up to four baggage tags during the web check-in process. They also receive an additional confirmation of these, along with their boarding pass.

How it works

Step 1

Passengers check in online a maximum of 23 hours before departure and choose the option to print their baggage tag.

Step 2

Passengers print their baggage tag(s), fold it as shown by the instructions, and attach it to their baggage using the plastic holder provided.

Step 3

Passengers take their baggage to a bag drop counter at the airport or, if there is one, to the appropriate machine.

Further expansion planned to inbound Zürich flights

The new print-at-home baggage tag option should now be further extended to SWISS flights inbound to Zürich. This will initially be done for all SWISS services from the USA, followed by other stations outside the European Union.

The facility is already available for flights to Zürich from New York JFK and Moscow.

For its Swiss-bound flights from points in EU member countries, SWISS is currently working with IATA and the relevant authorities to secure the requisite legal foundations.

The new print-at-home baggage tag option has been offered at Geneva since 18 August.

The facility is currently available for all SWISS flights from Geneva, and for selected inbound flights to Geneva from points including New York JFK, Pristina, Marrakech, Skopje and (since 25 August) Moscow.

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