Let Turkish Airlines take your bags between city and Istanbul Atatürk

Now passengers can leave their baggage at our Miniport offices and move freely throughout the day.

Turkish Airlines passengers can now gain extra time in Istanbul as the airline will transport their bags between the city and Istanbul Atatürk Airport.

The new service, called Miniport, means that passengers can hand over their bags at a Miniport office in the city or airport and collect them at the other Miniport office.

The Miniport offices are at Istanbul Atatürk Airport and Taksim in the city centre.

Taksim (city centre) to Istanbul Atatürk Airport.

Passengers can check out from their hotels in Taksim and the Historic Peninsula and leave their bags with Miniport. They can then spend their time enjoying Istanbul without the hassle of carrying their bags.

Passengers must drop off their baggage at least 5 hours before their flight’s scheduled departure time.

The Taksim Miniport office is open between 07:00 and 23:00 every day.

Istanbul Atatürk Airport to Taksim (city centre)

Passengers arriving in Istanbul can leave their baggage at the Miniport office before going to their hotel or office. While they spend the day at a fair, meeting, cultural tour or shopping, their baggage will be brought directly to Taksim.

The Miniport office is located on the metro floor of the international terminal of Istanbul Atatürk Airport.

The office is always open and baggage can be dropped off any hour of the day.

How it works?

  • Passenger go to the Miniport office and show their flight information.
  • If necessary, online check-in will be performed, the baggage will be taken and a baggage receipt will be given.
  • The baggage is taken from the Taksim Miniport office to the Miniport office located on the metro floor of Istanbul Atatürk Airport by Aras Cargo.
  • Passengers pick up their baggage from the Miniport office at Istanbul Atatürk Airport and proceed to the check-in counter and receive their boarding pass.

A shuttle leaves from our Taksim Miniport office 3 times every day:

Departure 1 – 09.00
Departure 2 – 13.30
Departure 3 – 18.30

Warning:  Miniport baggage handling services are not available for the flight destinations in the United States, Israel, Canada or the United Kingdom for security reasons.

N.B. Image credit: Turkish Airlines

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