Self-print bag tag with Malaysia Airlines

All economy passengers have to use the new facility

Malaysia Airlines has implemented self-print baggage tags at Kuala Lumpur.

Economy passengers now need to print the baggage tags at check-in kiosks located around the departure level of Kuala Lumpur International Airport and self-tag their bags before proceeding to the baggage drop counter.

The new system applies to all Malaysia Airlines domestic and international passengers in economy leaving from Kuala Lumpur.

The airline expects the check-in process from kiosk to baggage drop counters to be significantly shorter than desk check-in.

Passengers who check-in via web and mobile will also need to print their baggage tags at the 50 kiosks available before proceeding to the baggage drop counter.

The bag tags have usage instructions and staff are available to show passengers how to use the system.

Malaysia Airlines’ Economy Class passengers are allowed to check-in a maximum of two pieces of baggage weighing 30kg in total.  So a maximum of two printed baggage tags per passenger is allowed at the kiosk.

Passengers whose baggage exceeds the given allowance have to go to the bag drop counter to process the excess baggage.  They will then be directed to the excess baggage counter to make payment before their baggage is accepted.

This is the first phase before the airline moves to introduce self bag drop in Quarter 4 2016.

This move is in line with Malaysia Airlines’ strategy to use technology in order to simplify and reduce the time for check in.

N.B. Image credit: Malaysia Airlines

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