Changi to install auto bag drop from ICM

Hybrid units can switch between self-service bag drop and conventional desk

Changi Airport in Singapore is to install self-service bag drop from ICM Airport Technics.

ICM Airport Technics, based in Sydney, announced that it has signed a contract with Changi Airport Group (CAG) to supply and maintain Hybrid Auto Bag-Drop (ABD) units.

The units can be used either as self-service bag-drop machines or conventional check-in counters. They will be installed progressively at Changi Airport.

The units can be used either as self-service bag-drop machines or conventional check-in counters. They will be installed progressively at Changi Airport.

The announcement does not give information about how many units or where they will be used at Changi or whether 1-step or 2-step approach will be used.

ICM in general use the 2-step approach.

This means the passenger check-ins and prints boarding passes and bag tags before going to the bag drop.

  • At the bag drop the passenger scans their boarding pass and the bag drop unit checks their details.
  • The passenger places the bag on the weigh-scale conveyor.
  • The bag is weighed and dimensions are checked.
  • If excess weight is detected, the passenger can opt to pay the fee or to repack their bag
  • If required, a heavy tag is printed.
  • The bag is processed, the bag tag is activated and the bag is sent to the baggage handling system.

Richard Dinkelmann, Managing Director at ICM Airport Technics Australia:

“We are proud to secure our partnership with Changi Airport Group, and roll out our advanced self-service bag-drop solution. Our technology has been received incredibly well – ICM Airport Technics has been awarded recent contracts for self-service bag-drop solutions at airports in Montréal, Milan (Malpensa), Munich, and Johannesburg. It is an exciting time and we look forward to continually transforming the traveller check-in process and bringing it forward into the 21st century.”

Ang Siew Min, Vice President of Airport Operations Management at CAG:

“With the wider adoption of self-service bag-drop machines at Changi Airport, passengers can look forward to a faster and more convenient check-in experience. The hybrid functionality of ICM ABD units also provides airlines and ground handlers with increased flexibility in their operations.”

ICM Airport Technics has successfully introduced its ABD technology at other international airports, including Auckland International Airport in December 2015.

More airports around the world are witnessing the benefits of the technology and the seamless bag drop-off experience offered to busy passengers looking to save time.

About ICM Airport Technics

ICM Airport Technics is a global leader in airport baggage technology. Headquartered in Sydney, Australia with offices in the UK, France and Singapore, ICM Airport Technics uses cutting-edge innovation to help airlines and airports enhance the check-in experience, while helping airports and airlines improve their efficiency. ICM Airport Technics currently operates over 200 Auto Bag Drop units in over 17 airport terminals across the world, and have processed more than 35 million bags.

N.B. Image credit: ICM Airport Technics

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