American Airlines to alert passengers if bags are delayed

American will let passengers know if their bag is not going to be at the carousel

American Airlines is trying to take out the hassle for passengers of delayed bags by launching an app update allowing them to receive notification when their bags are delayed. 

Called Customer Baggage Notification (CBN), it is a system that notifies passengers of the status of their checked baggage if the bag is not on the same plane when they land at their destination.

American will send passengers three types of alerts:

  • early baggage that has arrived at the destination before the passenger
  • late arriving baggage for passengers with connections
  • late arriving baggage for passengers at their final destination

Early Baggage Arrival

In the unlikely event that the bag arrives before the passenger, this message tells them that their bag arrived before them and directs them to pick up their bag at the Baggage Service Office (BSO).

Late Baggage Arrival – Go to the Baggage Service Office (BSO)

This message directs passengers, for example those with an international segment in their reservation, to see an agent at the BSO.

Late Baggage Arrival – Mobile Baggage Order (MBO)

This message advises passengers to fill out a Mobile Baggage Order, or MBO, on their mobile device. The automated MBO asks for their delivery details and a bag description to help speed up reuniting them with their items.

By using the MBO, passengers no longer need to file a claim at the dreaded BSO, baggage office.

To receive alerts, passengers can use the American Airlines app, sign up for an AAdvantage® account or provide contact information during booking or check-in.

IATA Resolution 753 on baggage tracking

The new tracking details help American Airlines reach compliance with IATA’s Resolution 753 regarding checked baggage.

IATA Resolution 753 on baggage tracking is intended to encourage airlines to further reduce baggage mishandling by implementing cross-industry tracking for every baggage journey.

Resolution 753 becomes effective on 1st June 2018. It was approved in 2013, allowing 5 years for implementation.

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