Glasgow Airport to provide free feminine sanitary products

Trial launched in response to campaign by politican

Glasgow Airport is to provide free sanitary products for female passengers.

The airport said free tampons and pads would be available in toilets in the main check-in hall as well as domestic and international arrivals.

The trial scheme is in response to a campaign by Labour MSP Monica Lennon to ensure free access to sanitary products, including in schools, colleges and universities.

Ms Lennon said that providing free sanitary products at the airport sends out a strong message that periods are normal and can happen unexpectedly.

Amanda McMillan, managing director of Glasgow Airport:

“This is an excellent initiative and one which we are more than happy to support.

“We met with Monica earlier this year and she highlighted the need to address what is a real issue for many women.

“Millions of passengers travel through our doors on an annual basis and this trial will ensure that our female customers have access to these essential products.”

In July the Scottish Government announced a six-month pilot project in Aberdeen to provide free sanitary products to women and girls from low-income homes.

Glasgow is the second busiest airport in Scotland, after Edinburgh. It is the eight busiest airport in the UK.

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