Changi Airport’s self-service Terminal 4 starts operations

New terminal features 50 self bag drops from ICM

Terminal 4 (T4) at Singapore’s Changi Airport Terminal 4 (T4) featuring end-to-end self-service has started operations.

The new terminal uses a (almost) fully automated departure process with a suite of FAST (Fast and Seamless Travel) self-service kiosks that allows passengers to check-in, drop off their bags, clear border control and board the aircraft.

Passengers follow four clear self-service steps.

  1. self-service kiosks to check-in, print boarding passes and bag tags
  2. automated bag drop (ABD) units to input baggage into the airport system
  3. automated eGates to clear border control
  4. board themselves using automated eGates

Auto Bag Drop (ABD) units

T4 has 50 Auto Bag Drop (ABD) units from ICM Airport Technics. The ABD units were designed to meet the exact needs of Terminal 4. The ABD units can also be quickly switched to a conventional agent-manned check-in desk.

First arrivals and departures

Cathay Pacific flight CX659 from Hong Kong was the first flight to arrive at the new terminal and CX650, bound for Hong Kong was the first flight to depart.

By 1700 hours on day one, T4 served 11 flights and about 2,400 passengers. More than 80% of them used at least one of the Fast and Seamless Travel self-service options for check-in, bag-drop, border control and boarding.

Cathay Pacific and Korean Air are the first two of nine airlines to be operating at Changi‟s new terminal.

Seven more airlines will soon join them, including Cebu Pacific Air and Spring Airlines on November 2 and Vietnam Airlines and AirAsia on November 7.

Mr Tan Lye Teck, Changi Airport Group‟s Executive Vice President for Airport Management:

“After five years in the making, we are very happy to commence operations at T4. The new terminal will increase Changi Airport‟s capacity by another 16 million passenger movements per annum (mppa), bringing the total to 82 mppa. T4 is expected to handle about eight million passenger movements in its first year of operation. More importantly, we are now able to deliver an even better travel experience to Changi’s passengers.

“We are thankful that everything has been smooth so far today. Our operations teams will continue to keep a close eye on the various systems to ensure that passengers enjoy a seamless travel experience at T4. We look forward to welcoming the other T4 airlines, which will start their operations progressively on 2 and 7 November.”

Image credit: Changi Airport

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