Vienna Airport trials AI chatbot

Real-time answers to questions about COVID-19 and more at VIE

Vienna Airport is trialling an AI-powered chatbot which provides real-time information about facilities at the airport.

The airport is carrying out a three month test of the chatbot service called Bebot from Japanese company Bespoke.

All visitors at Vienna AirportCity have access to Bebot, which provides real-time answers to questions about COVID-19, facility information and gives users directions in the airport.

Bebot is available on mobile or desktop to any user of Vienna AirportCity’s on-site Wi-Fi or widget installed on the website. So there is no need to download an application or complete an account registration in order to use the service.


The system helps passengers get immediate guidance on when COVID testing is needed and where to get it at Vienna AirportCity.

Bebot can disseminate the latest news about COVID-19 to ensure all users have the most important information. Users can ask questions such as “Can I get a PCR test at the airport if needed?”, “Can I buy masks at the airport?”, “Can I take the train to Vienna city centre?”

Guidance system

Bebot will provide Vienna AirportCity with a digital guidance system. This helps users find their directions in the Vienna AirportCity easily.

Here is a YouTube video from Bebot showing how it works.


Bebot is supplied by Tokyo based Bespoke Inc. a developer of multilingual Artificial Intelligence solutions serving the travel and tourism industry.

Bespoke provides solutions to major airports, cities and transport authorities to aid in congestion management, emergency communication and driving in-market spend. Bespoke’s partners include the Narita International Airport, Sendai International Airport, Tokyo Metro, JR East’s Tokyo Station, Mie Prefecture, Holiday Inn and Sofitel Hotels & Resorts.

N.B. Image credit: Bebot

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