Leeds Bradford Airport chooses Elenium for check-in hall upgrade

Leeds Bradford is installing 14 self-service kiosks and hybrid self-service bag drops.

Leeds Bradford Airport (LBA) has embarked upon the first step of its long-term plans to modernise its existing terminal with an upgrade of check-in Hall A.

The UK’s sixteenth busiest airport is improving the passenger experience and speeding up check-in process by installing more self-service kiosks and bagdrops.

The work is taking place in Hall A, which currently handles the check-in of all non-Jet2 passengers. Jet2 is the biggest airline at LBA,

It will see the installation of 14 self-service kiosks and hybrid self-service automated bag drops, as well as four self-service check-in e-gates.

The airport is also installing 14 traditional manned check-in desks, and refurbishing the hall.

This update is a step towards bringing LBA in line with the UK’s leading airports, who all big users of self-service.

The airport has started reconfiguring Hall A and expects to complete the work by Easter 2023. Hall A is not closing during the reconfiguration and day-to-day operations should be largely unaffected.

About Leeds Bradford Airport

Owned by Australian investment company AMP Capital, Leeds Bradford Airport is in Yorkshire in north central England, close to the cities of Leeds and Bradford and about 45 miles north east of Manchester.

In 2021 it was the sixteenth busiest UK airport for passengers.

It is the main base for Jet2, the UK’s third largest airline (after EasyJet and British Airways).

Vincent Hodder, CEO of LBA:

“The upgrading of Hall A will futureproof LBA, bringing us in line with the world’s leading airports. It is also an early, yet crucial, component of the long-term modernisation plans for our existing terminal, which will dramatically improve passenger and airline experience.”


The new systems comes from Elenium, a Melbourne-based company.

Elenium creates self-service technology for multiple sectors, including aviation, healthcare, aged care and government infrastructure. The business specialises in digital identity, privacy, robotics, machine learning and data science.

Aaron Hornlimann, CEO of Elenium:

“We’re excited to be working with LBA to help it make its passenger experience world class and as seamless as possible. Combining speed and ease of use, our technology facilitates frictionless travel experiences, giving passengers more time to relax, explore and enjoy their journey. Improving infrastructure now, and getting the right technology gives LBA a platform making the airport and airlines ready for the future.”

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