Bhutan Airlines launches wireless inflight entertainment

Bhutan Airlines is introducing wireless inflight entertainment on its two Airbus A319 aircraft.

Passengers on all Bhutan Airlines flights can now watch Hollywood and regional film, television series, documentary content a moving flight map and a selection of music and magazines using their own Wi-Fi enabled mobile devices.

To access the in-flight entertainment (IFE) offerings, passengers simply access the wireless network through device settings, then begin enjoying content.

Bhutan Airlines has committed to this new experience enhancement in a bid to become the carrier of choice in the region. Many of the airline’s regional competitors offer no IFE service to passengers.

Early feedback from passengers shows that the air-map (moving map) has become the most popular element of the inflight entertainment system. In addition to displaying the position and direction of the plane, the map also displays the altitude, airspeed, elapsed time, and remaining time.

Pema N. Nadik, Chief Executive Officer of Bhutan Airlines:

“We are excited to launch our new IFE system, powered by AirFi. It will significantly enhance the overall travel experience for our passengers. These new systems are part of our ongoing efforts to improve our services and provide our customers with the highest level of comfort and convenience. AirFi is a proven leader in portable wireless IFE and can provide a perfect blend of entertainment to complement our passenger demographic.”

Supplier – AirFi

The inflight streaming system comes from Dutch company AirFi.

AirFi is a travel technology company that helps airlines and rail companies deliver digital entertainment and shopping to passengers. Its systems can unlock operational benefits for crew and drive ancillary revenues from onboard sales.

The system works by installing a box onboard. It’s about the size of the data flight recorder.

The AirFi box creates both the onboard Wi-Fi network and the supporting IT infrastructure that enables the IFE and retail.

Job Heimerikx, AirFi CEO:

“I’m always happy when AirFi’s low capex business model and easy-to-deploy solutions can enable a carrier like Bhutan Airlines introduce IFE for their passengers.

“When Bhutan Airlines is ready add new features to the IFE offering or wished to boost ancillary revenues from onboard sales, we will be ready with flexible, tailor-made options.”

About Bhutan Airlines

Bhutan Airlines is Bhutan’s first private airline and operates domestic and international flights from its base at Paro Airport (PBH) in Bhutan.

Routes: Current Bhutan Airlines routes are:

  • Paro – Bangkok via Kolkata, four times a week in both directions
  • Paro – Delhi, 5 a week
  • Paro – Katmandu, 1 a week

Fleet: Bhutan Airlines operates two A319 aircraft with a configuration of 12 Business Class seats and 114 Economy seats.

Alliance: None

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