Athens Airport implements a bot app through Facebook Messenger

First airport to implement such an app

Athens International Airport has become the first airport worldwide to implement a bot app through Facebook Messenger!

The airport is building on its success with social media having already introduced ATH Messenger that is provided on Facebook and Twitter.

The ATH Messenger allows passengers to communicate with ATHMessenger directly via Facebook Messenger to receive flight updates, special retail offers, timetables, airport parking information.

Passengers start the service by locating @ATHMessenger through the Facebook Messenger.

The airport has set up a facebook page with more information.

Mr. George Demetriades, AIA, Director of Information Systems and Telecommunications Business Unit:

“The bots are programs that perform a specific task in an automated manner where human intervention is not necessary. It is an application that will revolutionize the way we use our smartphones because the more it evolves, the more it reduces the use of many different applications as with a simple command, we will be able to perform everything we want via the Facebook Messenger.

AIA invests heavily in providing high quality services and that is why we explore, expand and create new innovative services; The ATH Messenger bot is one of them. The ATH Messenger is an application that reflects the zeitgeist seeking  

N.B. Image credit: Athens Airport

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