Sydney Airport T1 now has self bag drop for Qantas passengers

Features 12 ICM self bag drop units and 36 new check-in kiosks

Sydney Airport’s T1 is has introduced self bag drop units and new check-in kiosks.

Sydney Airport’s T1 is used for international flights and is now live with 12 of self bag drop units and 36 new check-in kiosks.

The self bag drops come from Sydney-based ICM Airport Technics. The ICM Auto Bag Drop (ABD) units enable passengers to check-in their baggage by themselves without having to queue at a check-in desk.

The ABD units integrate cutting-edge 3D scanning technology with an ergonomically friendly design. They ensure real-time safety and security, with around the clock monitoring provided by ICM’s Sydney-based support team.

The check-in kiosks have ICM software that features the same design DNA as the ABD units, creating consistency and familiarity for the passenger across the entire check-in and bag drop process.

This new installation is part of a greater Sydney Airport project that promises to reduce check-in queues and enhance the overall passenger experience, bringing the same benefits to T1 that Qantas domestic passengers enjoy in T3.

Sydney Airport’s roll-out of new ABD units and check-in kiosk software comes after the successful opening of Singapore Changi Airport’s Terminal 4, where 50 of ICM’s ABD units went live in October last year and Marseilles, where 2 self bag drops went live in February 2018.

Already in 2018, ICM has announced further roll-out orders at Heathrow London, Paris Charles de Gaulle & Orly, and Shanghai Hongqiao.

Richard Dinkelmann, CEO of ICM Group:

“We are delighted to see ICM’s self-service bag drop and check-in solutions in use at Sydney’s T1 International. Our products continue to deliver exceptional benefits to both airports and airlines, and present passengers with a simpler and faster process for checking-in their bags. It is very rewarding for us to see Sydney Airport embrace the new technology our world-leading products have to offer.”

ICM’s ABD units can be found in major airports across the globe including Auckland, London Heathrow, Minneapolis-St.Paul, Munich, Paris CDG & ORY, Singapore Changi and Sydney amongst many others.

ICM operates over 350 ABD units in 28 airport terminals across the world, and have processed more than 50 million bags.

N.B. Image credit: ICM Airport Technics

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