Denver to install 176 self bag drops in Great Hall

Will be world's largest self bag drop installation

Denver International Airport (DEN) is to install 176 self bag drop units from German company Materna.

The implementation of the self bag drop systems is part of the $650 million Denver International Airport’s (DEN) Great Hall project that is now underway. As part of the planned redevelopment of DEN’s Jeppesen Terminal, Materna will install 176 hybrid self-bag-drop units and 40 check-in kiosks.

That will make it the world’s largest self-bag-drop installation and will help DEN to handle its tremendous growth in passenger traffic. The new system will help the airport to serve approximately 80 million passengers per year. Originally, the airport was designed to handle 50 million passengers.

Hybrid solution

Materna’s self-bag-drop solution comprises an agent desk combined with a self-bag-drop unit and scanner positioned over the conveyor to scan baggage tags. The scanner unit only accepts baggage of the correct size and weight.

A major attraction of the hybrid solution is that it is fairly easy to customize and integrate. It allows the airport to offer both self-service and desk service for bag drop. The kiosks use IATA’s CUSS standard, meaning that all airlines at the terminal can use them.

The Denver Great Hall Renovation Project

The Great Hall Project officially kicked off on July 12, 2018. The goal is to keep up with the constant growth of DEN, increase capacity, airport safety and security, and improve the passenger experience.

There will be:

  • 176 new ticketing positions
  • 12 curbside desks
  • 224 self-service kiosks
  • 34 new TSA security lanes

The project will be completed in 2021.

About Denver International Airport (DEN)

Based on 2017 figures, Denver International Airport is the 18th-busiest airport in the world and the 6th-busiest airport in the United States by passenger count.

Passengers: In 2017, more than 61 million.

Routes: In 2017, there were about 1,600 daily scheduled commercial flights to over 190 nonstop destinations.

Airlines: 23 commercial airlines, including Aeromexico, Air Canada, American Airlines, British Airways, Delta, Icelandair, JetBlue, Lufthansa, Southwest, United and Virgin America.

N.B. Image credit: Denver International Airport

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