Hamburg Airport introduces security time slots

Slot & Fly system has dedicated security for booked passengers

Passengers departing Hamburg Airport can now book a specific time slot for the security check.

The new Slot & Fly service allows passengers to book a security time slot from 72 hours up to 1 hour before departure time.

Passengers go to check-in / bagdrop as normal and then go to the central security area in Terminal 1. They go to a separate entrance to security at the booked time. The time slots are valid 15 minutes before and after the specified time.

Only passengers with a booked time slot can use the special entrance.

Passengers can reserve a slot for themselves and up to four other passengers.

The service is free of charge on the airport website, regardless of airline or class of travel.

How it works

  • Passengers make the booking on the airport website. They enter their flight details, party size and email address.
  • They choose a time slot from those available. Slots are offered at fixed times at quarter-hour intervals.
  • They enter the complete family and given names of all passengers, exactly as they are printed on the boarding passes.
  • Passengers receive an email with their slot details and a QR code.
  • At the airport, at the time slot, they go to the Slot&Fly Lane in Terminal 1 and scan their boarding pass or QR code at an egate. Just like going airside.

This last step is an upgrade from how it works at other airports. Most have a person, a real human, who either looks at the email or scans the QR code.

Michael Eggenschwiler, CEO of Hamburg Airport:

“I am thrilled that we can offer all passengers this ideal addition to our self-service products, Slot & Fly, in time for the Easter holidays. If you check in online, use a bag-drop kiosk for your luggage, and book a timeslot for the security checkpoint, you will get to the gate more quickly, even during the holidays. Slot & Fly is an important building block in our extensive catalogue of measures to provide passengers with a good start to their holidays.”

Other airports with security time slots

Hamburg is the latest European airport to introduce time slots at security.

Amsterdam Schiphol introduced a similar but much more limited system earlier this week. Schiphol was at the forefront of this when it ran a two week trial of a security slot system in 2017.

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