Turkish Airlines will have Hygiene Experts on board

Turkish Airlines is introducing new initiatives to reassure its passengers as it starts to resume flights.

Turkey’s flag carrier will:

  • have crew members as Hygiene Experts on board
  • give hygiene kits to passengers
  • will disinfect all aircraft before each flight

Hygiene Experts

The airline will appoint some cabin crew as ‘Hygiene Experts’. 

The ‘Hygiene Experts will be responsible for all hygiene standards onboard, including:

  • social distancing
  • reducing passengers’ mobility inside the planes
  • warning passengers to keep face masks on throughout the trip
  • continuously disinfecting the planes’ lavatories and any spots passengers may have touched 

Hygiene kits for passengers

Depending on the flight length, the airline is giving hygiene kits to passengers, containing face masks, disinfectants and antiseptic wipes.

Disinfecting aircraft before each flight

The planes in Turkish Airlines’ fleet are thoroughly disinfected before each flight. The seats, screens and windows are washed down as part of this process.

Turkish Airlines is resuming its domestic and international flights in June after a two-month hiatus due to the pandemic.

N.B. Image credit: Turkish Airlines

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