British Airways personal Facebook Messenger Bot

BOTler - what a poor name?

British Airways has launched a Facebook Messenger bot that provides London-bound passengers with a personal guide to the capital.

Called BOTler, the tool gives live updates on exclusive deals and personalised recommendations on top attractions and experiences tailored for individual users.

It is part of a British Airways promotion to encourage overseas visitors to travel to London this winter.

The promotion, ‘London for Less’, relates to the current lower value of the UK pound compared to some other currencies.

Interestingly British Airways is promoting London, not the UK as a whole.

Compared to some other airlines it is a bit low tech but that is traditionally the way British Airways works. Don’t be first or even second with new ideas. Be third or fourth.

That way they look like they are in trend but get the benefit of learning from the early mistakes.

But the choice of name is strange.A bottler is someone who generally starts well but then messes up.

It is often used is sports. A golfer who misses puts from a small distance is known as a bottler. A footballer who misses easy chances is a bottler.

Sara Dunham, British Airways’ head of marketing retail & direct channels:

“As an airline we are continually reviewing the ways in which we engage with our loyal customers, that includes providing them with added value before they even fly with us.

“By launching the British Airways BOTler across our core markets, we are providing our customers with a plethora of extra reasons – tailored to their personal tastes – to experience the magical city of London at its iconic winter best.

“Designed exclusively for Facebook Messenger, the British Airways BOTler will guide users through what to expect in the UK capital during the holiday season, highlighting exclusive deals across London to fuel that pre-holiday excitement.”

The offers are available to British Airways’ international passengers only (non-UK residents). Terms and conditions apply; click here for more information.

Visit to be directed to the British Airways BOTler on Facebook.

To connect to the BOT, passengers should visit BA’s Facebook page and click on “Message”.

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