Lufthansa introduces optional Buy on Board meals on some long-haul flights

Cost between 19 and 33 euros, expected to be available from May 2018.

It wasn’t so long ago that passengers could order a special meal for free for their flight – fish, vegetarian etc.

Now, partly thanks to the downgrading of service on most airlines, some passengers are willing to pay extra to have a different meal from whatever is being given to the masses on board.

This also presents an ancillary revenue opportunity for the airline.

Buy on Board (BOB) is now one of the big growth areas for airlines.

Now Lufthansa is introducing “A la carte dining” on some long-haul flights.

From May 2018 Lufthansa Economy and Premium Economy Class passengers will be able to order one of seven selected “A la carte dining” meals on long-haul flights.

The multi-course menus will be available to buy on almost all Lufthansa intercontinental flights from Frankfurt and Munich and are served on order instead of the regular first meal. They cost between 19 and 33 euros and are expected to be available from May 2018.

The “A la carte dining” meals can be booked on up to 24 hours before departure. Availability per flight is limited.

Choices include a grilled steak, Bento Box with a selection of classic Japanese sushi specialities, hearty Bavarian snacks, Asian vitality menu with quinoa, Mediterranean pasta with shrimp or exotic Thai curry.

They are served on porcelain – just like in the fancy parts of the plane. Indeed the pictures look just like a typical business class meal.

The “A la carte dining” meals do not replace the existing food and drink offerings in Economy and Premium Economy Class. Passengers will still get food in the fare.

But for how long?

N.B. Image credit: Lufthansa

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