JetBlue brings self check-in and self tagging to JFK T5

80 kiosks, 12 bag drops

U.S. airline JetBlue has introduced passenger self-service check-in kiosks with self bag tagging at its JFK T5 terminal.

The new check-in area has 75% more floor space than before and features more than 70 passenger self-service check-in kiosks and 12 bag-drops.

JetBlue has chosen a two-step method:

Step 1: Passengers check-in, print the boarding pass, print and attach the bag tag themselves.

Step 2: Take the bag to a bag drop. Staff check the baggage weight and the passenger ID. If all is OK, staff put the bag i and the passenger proceeds to security

If there are issues with the size or weight of baggage, passengers have the option to repack in the special areas or pay for additional baggage fees at the “pay here” counter.

Crewmembers (JetBlue staff) will also be on hand to assist.

JetBlue is introducing most of the techniques now fairly common in many parts of the World – passenger self-service check-in kiosks, self bag tagging, scales for passengers to check baggage weight, repacking tables and self bag drop are all included in the new area.

Most airlines use passenger self-service as a way to cut costs by reducing staff.  JetBlue regard it as an opportunity to increase passenger service. Like helping parents with children and giving passengers the ability to repack in a nice manner.

The new T5 lobby was created in partnership with airport operator Ports Authority of New York and New Jersey as well as architects Gensler and kiosk manufacturers Embross.

The system only applies to domestic flights. Passengers on international flights from T5 must check in at a Full Service desk.

JetBlue has a reputation as an innovative, passenger-focused airline. In April JetBlue installed napping pods at the Terminal 5 and in January it announced it was restyling its cabins to have a greater focus on connectivity, comfort, and space.

N.B. Image credit: JetBlue

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