No more BYO seat belt for larger passengers

No more BYO extension seatbelts

In the USA if you’re a large passenger and you’ve been bringing your own seat belt extender to buckle yourself in on flights, the government has an order: Stop it. The Federal Aviation Administration issued a reminder to the airlines at the end of last month that their extenders — which add 25 inches to the length of a regular seat belt by being buckled to the ones on planes — are the only ones to be used. But that’s making some people who use or sell the extenders unhappy.…

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Do some business travellers need better inflight WiFi or common sense?

Personal assistant does the job

Most airlines and airports now offer a variety of mobile services but a survey of over 600 business passengers shows they want more help. Key points of the survey are: Mobile, day-of-travel notifications are critical for business passengers. Flight status, upgrade availability and boarding alerts are wanted on mobiles. Airport and onboard wifi is unreliable, limited and frustrating. Only 28% are happy with in-flight WiFi and 32% with WiFi in airports. Business passengers want mobile boarding capabilities. More than 80 percent of business passengers who haven’t yet had access to…

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