Transfer kiosk

Transfer Kiosk

Transfer kiosks can provide all the services currently delivered by transfer desks.
Border control

Border Control

Self service immigration and customs speeds up entry to countries and provides increased border security.
Bag recovery

Bag Recovery

Passengers input details of missing bags at a kiosk instead of waiting for an agent.
Off airport check-in

Off Airport Check-in

Passengers check-in and drop bags at a many locations including hotels and train stations.
Self print boarding pass

Self Print Boarding Pass

Passengers print the boarding pass on plain paper at home, the office or anywhere with access to the internet.
Common bag drop

Common Bag Drop

Passengers can hand over bags at any bag drop instead of going to a specific airline.
Kiosk print boarding pass

Kiosk Print Boarding Pass

Boarding passes can be obtained at self service kiosks no matter how passengers have checked-in.
Self tagging


Passengers print tags at a kiosk, attach them and then take the bags to a Bag Drop.


Even on arrival self-service is available to passengers.


The majority of passengers check-in online, by mobile, or at a kiosk. At the bag drop the agent tags the bag and checks documents.

Boarding Pass

The Boarding Pass is available in multiple formats.


There are a number of check-in options.